What is Anime Porn? Where to watch free cartoon porn videos?

When most people think of animated cartoon, they imagine cute characters and content for kids. However, all of that has changed due to the rise and popularity of anime porn. Now, when searching for anime material, it is very easy to run into sexually explicit content. This despite the fact that the content is cartoonish in nature. In fact, three of the top ten most viewed genres in adult content are anime related. They are hentai, anime and cartoon porn. It brings up the question of what exactly is animated pornography? Where did it originate from, and why did it become so popular?

Anime adult content originated in Japan. In fact, the word anime is actually a Japanese word which refers to cinematic animation. Japan is also where most of the hentai pornographic content is produced. Computers or actual human animators are used to generate the characters. The huge difference is that unlike cartoons for kids, these characters engage in all types of sex acts. The situations are sexually explicit and sometimes violent. You also have some of the content that shows acts that in real life, may be deemed illegal. Moreover, there is the mixing of characters which goes on in cartoon porno. A cute and beautiful girl can have sex with aliens, monsters or animals. Since the creator’s imagination is their only restraint, the possibilities are endless.

All of these are reasons why animated pornography is so appealing. Unlike real pornstars, there are no restrictions when it comes to animation. Overall, there are heaps of adult sites where a person can find cartoon sex videos.

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